Design and develop a DIY, low cost, portable, solar powered systems that can be used in low income countries where there is no access to electricity as well as when you travel or backpack.

October 5, 2015

SolarClick is small, portable, scalable solar panel system, that can be easily arranged into different voltage and current configurations, by connecting SolarClick’s magnet connectors either in series (voltage increases) or in parallel (current increases). Its based on single cells at 0.5V and 2A and an alternative system at 6v and 0.2A, connected with magnets by just clicking them into each other. Due to the drop in prices in solar cells we envision producing each solar cell for $1 (now at $3-4). By combining 2 cells you can already charge your mobile phone, LED lights or a radio, allowing poor people to cover their basic electricity off the grid needs.

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