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Sample projects that we are researching are using 3d printing to prototype tiny ceramic or plastic membrane water filters that would cost $1 for personal drinkable water in poor countries, open 3d printed prostethic hands, citizen science projects using Arduino and drones to measure pollution in air/water and to conduct environmental surveillance, educational kits for social inclusion, etc.

June 9, 2016

Inspired by Stanford D.School’s Design for Extreme Affordability course we aim to design open, extremely low cost ideas for developing countries.
Combining 3d printing, open design, open software and hardware we would like to work with makers and hackerspaces in low income countries providing ideas, tools and materials. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are low cost platforms to prototype and produce smart devices that could help developing countries find solutions to economic, social and health problems among others.
Check out our first prototype for a low cost $1 Water Filter to help reduce drinking water disease in developing countries.

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