First Day at the HKTDC 2013

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Five floors full of exhibitors. One floor full of electronic component suppliers and trade fair (electronicAsia). My first time to visit such a large trade fair, and I thought four full days would be enough. I was wrong!

I came early to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Luckily I booked a few nights at the Check In HK hostel, 273 Hennesy Road, just a few blocks away from the trade fair, and given that you are an entrepreneur, maker or just curious about the fair, happened to be a perfect place to stay, not only because of the location but because there were also other young entrepreneurs looking for opportunities and suppliers.

The first day I just covered one of the 5th floors. And I walked tirelessly from aisle to aisle, meeting suppliers, talking about their products and “factories” (later I would visit some of these suppliers and Shenzhen and visited their factories, which ended up being in some cases small workshops). I soon realized that I would not have enough time to cover the whole fair, or even to assess all the opportunities, for the product that I was looking for and for any other new product.

It was mindboggling, millions of visitors, many suppliers providing similar products or even the same designs for some products. Many of the small and medium sized suppliers did not have a well presented brand, so it was very hard to remember the company booth you just visited as many of the names seemed familiar. It was just the first day and I had accumulated 20 kg of brochures and promotional materials!

However, it was great to see so many companies designing, launching and manufacturing such a wide range of electronic products, some of them that never reach the Western retail market. So it really felt like a great opportunity to be there and find out the new trends and see upcoming products.

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On October 19, 2013

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