Discover SF hackaton at Airbnb HQs

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San Francisco is a great city where you have several opportunities to experience innovation every week. The City’s Innovation office organized the Discover SF hackaton at Airbnb’s headquarters and it was an amazing experience!

The idea is to unite designers, developers and entrepreneurs for a 2 day hackathon to build networks, exchange ideas and create new apps and tools to innovate and propose better ways for residents and tourists to experience San Francisco.

I was very lucky to meet 4 great people, Alfred a head designer from Jawbone a company that designs wearable technology and the UP wristband that serves as a life tracker, Carla and Bianca, both social entrepreneurs working out of The Hub San Francisco and Noah from Ireland. Our team presented a proposal during the second day. Other teams proposed interesting apps and ideas from one app to find Popos (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces) in San Francisco, another one to find urban gardens in the Tenderloin area among others.

The best part was to meet other volunteers, make friends, get to know Airbnb’s office, that is one of the most innovative and succesful companies of the “sharing economy”. It was also eye opening to see the local authorities organize such an event, to promote creativity and civic innovation to improve the urban experience in SF thru technology.

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On April 26, 2013

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