Citizen Innovation via Instructables

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Many people love to share their knowledge, give you tips for fixing stuff, cooking something, how to grow a garden, etc. Online, the number of YouTube How-to videos has risen tremendously in the last few years. You can really find any topic you can imagine. is another great source of inspiration for citizen innovators and regular makers.

During an MBA lecture at UC Berkeley Hass School of Business I freely attended (more tips on this later), I listened to a professor who did a lot of research about new inventions and innovation and concluded that a majority of innovations done at large companies had actually come out not from their own research and design departments, but had been done by actual consumers. That is, most innovation in the world is not as we might believe done by companies but by consumers. Finding new uses to stuff, applying company products in a new way at home, etc.

So, yes, people are always coming up with their own small inventions and the do it yourself (DIY) movement makes it even more visible. Check out, whose founders were once part of the MIT Media Lab. Instructables provides a platform for personal creativity, as it allows users to post instructions to describe how they created something. It was founded in 2004 and later acquired by Autodesk, the large software company making 3D and engineering software applications like Autocad. They are also shareholders of Techshop!

Since I had been looking for a simple way to make a digital camera mount for my Olympus Tough TG2 camera to use it outdoors, be it underwater when diving or snorkeling, or on my bike travels, or if you go skiing, skating, etc. I came up with a $1 DIY GoPro like camera mount to take first person videos anywhere. Here is my small contribution to the DIY movement.

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On February 24, 2014

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