DIY Transparent Noticeboard for your Screen

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I was tinkering a bit with acrylic plastic or plexiglas to make something simple, cheap and useful and came up with this easy Instructable to make your own transparent noticeboard to stick in important stuff next to your monitor.

I like to write down notes, post its, have important business cards on my desk, maybe even pictures of relatives or a sticker from a company I like and follow. I think a lot of people used to stick this kind of stuff on their cubicle walls, but more and more cubicles are disappearing and we are left with open spaces and open work areas with not so many places to put your personal and your important stuff on sight.

This really easy instructable shows how to cheaply ($2 or so) make your own clean and transparent noticeboard that you can stick in the back of your monitor screen and have extra space to stick relevant stuff, reminders and whatever you like, even magnetic stuff using a small piece of metal behind, in front of you. If you have a laser cutter you can also cut your company logo, your coworker’s name or any nice patterns in the acrylic and give them away to all your friends, coworkers or employees.

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On August 31, 2014

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